Just in time for Veterans Day, a Michigan charity transformed the physical appearance of a deserving homeless vet. Two months ago, Degage Ministries, which aims to help veterans who have fallen on hard times after returning from service, gave U.S. Army veteran Jim Wolf a makeover. Wolf has struggled with poverty, alcoholism, and homelessness for decades. Watch as Wolf receives a haircut, a beard trim, and more, as he is literally transformed in this incredible time-lapse video:

Of course, a new haircut and a suit will not fix all of his problems, but as the video points out, Wolf started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and now has housing. It seems that he is on the right path. The idea for dramatic transformation came from Rob Bliss, who is known for pulling off viral stunts like letting 100,000 paper airplanes loose in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Bliss said of Wolf's makeover, "For me, personally, I've been trying to get more into doing things for a better purpose."

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