The Friday Show Prep

I hope you'll allow me a few moments this morning (and maybe most of this weekend) to be a fan geek for a little while.

You see, it's been awhile since me and my father have had a chance to chat about the Dodgers in the World Series.

It was in the seventh inning of last night's 11-1 shellacking of the Cubs -- as I was pacing around my living room and hoping that no one would get injured on some inconsequential grounder up the middle -- when it dawned on me that of all the people I was able to share this victory with last night, the man who introduced me to sports, to journalism, to the idea of being a "better fan", wasn't able to chat about the game.

I began to imagine what my father would have been doing while I was murmuring to myself about those final at-bats last night, before Enrique Hernandez hit his third home run of the night to further widen the margin of victory. I began to think about how my father would have dealt with the "hurry up and wait" mentality before the final out was secured.

He'd have likely lit a pipe (the apple cherry scented tobacco was always my favorite). He'd have talked about the potential pitching matchups the Dodgers would face, be it the Yankees or the Astros in the World Series. He'd be satisfied with the realization the Dodgers were finally back in the Series, but he'd have been busy (once he figured out all the new technical wizardry available to him) studying trends and tendencies of both teams vying for the American League pennant. All of this while he'd give the subtle jab of his clenched fist into the empty air with each moment that brought the Dodgers closer to this moment.  

My father loved the Dodgers.

My father hated the Yankees.

So while I'm very happy with all of this, I'm also acutely aware of the surroundings. 

I too, will be patient. I'll watch the conclusion of the Yankees vs. Astros series. I'll study both teams, as I have done during much of this season already. I'll find strengths in both teams the Dodgers will have to counter with, weaknesses in those teams which they'll have to exploit, and I'll get ready for Tuesday.

I have no choice.

My father wouldn't let fandom or eager praise get in the way.

Four more wins.

Then, we can both be satisfied. 

I'd love to write more this morning, but I'm busy compiling soundbites and such.
I'm gonna leave this with some bullet points and invite you to tune in, because it's gonna be a good show...

* Nice win by the Raiders. A classic renewal of a great division rivalry.
* Marshawn Lynch's return to the NFL may not be such a good idea anymore.
* Lonzo Ball didn't have a good night in his NBA debut. And still, the sun rose this morning.
* All those times I kept shouting for NFL owners to speak with some accountability and transparency in regards to the anthem protests and/or Colin Kaepernick? Looks like they're starting to do that. Thanks to the owners of the Jaguars, 49ers and Falcons.

All of this and much more, including best bets in college football and the NFL with Paramount Sports' Lee Sterling. We'll also have a preview of Cowboys vs. 49ers with Kristi Scales of the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network, and we'll chat with Sam Atwell of the Race Report with a preview of another elimination race in the NASCAR postseason. 

It's all coming up at 9am ET on FIRST SPORTS, live across America on the I Heart Radio app and locally on the radio dial at AM1340.93.9FM


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