USC wins Pac-12 Title

USC 31, Stanford 28

Not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing game I’ve watched all season long, and for the love of whatever deity you choose to put your faith in, can we please find officials who won’t butcher a game on both sides of the ball when – presumably – a lot of people are watching?

It was hard to say if the extra week for the Trojans was betterment for the team or not. Conversely, it’s hard to say if the lack of time to prepare for this game actually hurt Stanford.

Either way, Sam Darnold played (for the most part) mistake-free football. He has clearly turned his game around since the Notre Dame fiasco and has put himself back into the conversation among college football’s elite quarterbacks.

As did Stanford quarterback K.J. Costello, who despite completing only 10 of 22 passes, did find receivers inside some tight windows. His game is going to get better with more seasoning.

And I’m fairly certain that whatever bowl game Stanford accepts an invitation to, Bryce Love will not be a part of it. The man hobbled off the field multiple times in the second half and was coming into the game in less than ideal shape. That said, he still punched holes in the USC defense, rushing for 125 yards on 22 carries.

Big props go to Ronald Jones. The USC tailback had one of his best games of the season as well, rushing for 140 yards while doing the lion’s share of the work, carrying the ball 30 times.

For USC, it’s likely on to the Fiesta Bowl and a date with either the loser of the Big 12 title game or another high-profile opponent.

We’ll all find out soon enough!


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