The Friday Show Prep

There are a wave of emotions, held in check as best as possible as I prepare to do this morning's show.

Too many things running around inside my head with the sounds, sights and a variety of things which I experienced yesterday covering the events inside Aztec.

We're inviting all of you onto the show this morning to express your thoughts. We want to encourage all of you to talk to one another, to share your emotions, your fears, your reunions, your memories.

(505) 325-8255. That's the number. 

Yes, we'll talk sports as well. We'll preview Cowboys vs. Giants the "triumphant return" of Eli Manning, we'll recap last night's Falcons victory over the Saints. 

We'll laugh, we'll recollect, we'll do all the things which make us a sports talk show.

And we'll do it together -- with significantly heavier hearts.

The blog's a little light this morning. I'm hopeful you'll understand. 

Go Fund Me pages have been set up for the victims of yesterday's tragic events at Aztec High School. 

Casey Jordan-Marquez

Francisco “Paco” Fernandez

Falcons 20, Saints 17

The postseason hopes for the Atlanta Falcons are still very much in play this morning as they hold on to a 20-17 win last night over the New Orleans Saints. Despite throwing three interceptions, quarterback Matt Ryan threw a fourth quarter touchdown to tie the game before Matt Bryant’s game winning field goal pushed the Falcons to the lead late in the game. Defensive back Deion Jones clinched the win with an interception in the final minutes, lifting Atlanta to an 8 and 5 record on the season. With the loss, New Orleans drops to 9 and 4.

Playing career for Shazier in jeopardy

The latest update on Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier says that he underwent spinal stabilization surgery Wednesday by team physicians David Okonkwo and Joseph Maroon.

Spinal stabilization surgery is done with the intent to stabilize the spine when there is some evidence of instability. The procedure involves the insertion of some internal fixation, using hardware, to stabilize a segment of the spine, which presumably gives a person the best opportunity to allow the neurological recovery to continue.

And while the Steelers offered no further updates on the matter, what everyone else is saying isn’t exactly hopeful. According to one doctor, there’s a chance he may never play again.

Dr. Anthony Alessi, a neurologist from the University of Connecticut who consults with the NFL Players Association, told ESPN that the type of procedure Shazier underwent could indicate his playing career is over saying, "It's not good...We're not going to see him this season. He may not play football again."


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