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UFC 189: Mendes v McGregor

UFC 189: Mendes v McGregor

In what can best be described as a surprise to no one, UFC president Dana White has flipped his position regarding Conor McGregor. Shortly after the conclusion of UFC223, which was marred by McGregor’s actions last week, White now is looking forward to McGregor’s return to the cage. Because attempting malpractice against the company has no consequences at all.  

Let me say for the record that doesn't mean last weekend's incident wasn't a "work" or a gimmick. 

But it surely didn't hurt.

With an ever-increasing likeliness that former champion Brock Lesnar is getting back to the cage after another stint in WWE, as well as the apparent arrival to the "cooling off" phase in the tensions between White and McGregor, the business model could begin to turn back around.

And let's not forget the threat of an appearance by recently retired boxer Floyd Mayweather. Because that's what we all need. 

I, for one, am growing increasingly more weary that the UFC (strictly as a sport) has jumped the shark.

For those who don't know the reference or the meaning of the phrase, "jumping the shark" is when something crosses the point where what was once popular no longer warrants the attention it has previously received, particularly when attempts at publicity only serve to highlight its irrelevance. 

This is especially applicable to television series or other entertainment outlets.

This isn't the time to bury the UFC. They'll clearly fight their way out of this mess, and may in fact, come back stronger.

But the appeal for me is gone. I'm no longer interested in feigning interest in a sport where those in charge purposefully and intentionally decided what was best for business was to set itself on fire and expect people to rush to its rescue.

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