"Good Advice" with Steve Bortstein

"Gloria" writes in to let us know her husband "loves sports more than me...." So we've got a way to fix that. Check out my "good advice" right here.

Dear Steve,

My husband is a sports fanatic and it's destroying our marriage. 

Every night "Carlos" flops on the sofa, flips on the TV, and watches a game until bedtime. He's so crazy about his teams — the Yankees, the Knicks, the Giants — that he screams obscenities if the referee makes a bad call, dances around the living room if his team makes a good play, and calls his friends to rant and rave while the game is in progress. On weekends he's either watching ESPN, playing pickup basketball in the park, or chatting with his brother, who he goes back to see occasionally since he's a season ticket holder.

For the past 18 months I've been lonely and bored. I'm tired of crying myself to sleep, wondering what I can do to make "Carlos" understand how much I miss him. But he always says, 'I am here with you — I just happen to be watching baseball.

What should I do?



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