Crazy Good Advice, with Steve Bortstein

Several weeks ago, we received a letter from a female listener to the show, looking for some advice on how to handle a situation with her boyfriend. I don’t know if she actually intended for me to offer her some relationship advice, but we ran with it and it turned out to be damn good advice. Last week, we hopefully saved a marriage thanks to the beauty of baseball. This week, after a number of people chimed in and considering what a good mood I was in this week, we chose a letter that has a lot of meaning to me, so with that in mind, it’s time once again for another edition of Crazy Good Advice.

And again, this letter reminded me of a very happy place in my life. Full of innocence and with the world still very much awaiting all of us, a time in all our lives where everything we wanted and hoped for was at our disposal.

Dear Steve,

I am a lover of milkshakes, and have almost perfected the art of making my own after years of regular practice. I really like the way I make milkshakes. I have a new neighbor, she moved in recently and she started experimenting with milkshake flavors of her own. Mine are better than hers, but the other day the boys began to gather in her yard instead of mine. What do I need to do to my milkshakes to get the boys in my yard?

Sincerely, The Dairy Queen

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