Crazy Good Advice -- June 19

Nearly two  months ago, we received a letter from a female listener to the show, looking for some advice on how to handle a situation with her boyfriend. I don’t know if she actually intended for me to offer her some relationship advice, but we ran with it and it turned out to be damn good advice. Since then, we’ve saved a marriage thanks to baseball, spoke about the necessity for a better milkshake, allowed someone to be open and honest with their partner, changed someone’s perspective of cheering for the wrong team, chastised a couple who broke up at a baseball game and hopefully made two sports fans a little happier with each other. 

Today, we’ll try and help on a really tough situation. 

Which means it’s time for another edition of Crazy Good Advice.

Dear Steve,

It’s not so much a relationship question as it is a cultural question. I found myself being very uncomfortable when a woman I’d barely met at a bar was hitting on me last week. I’m a fairly open thinking person and I rarely have a problem expressing myself, but there was something about this woman that made it impossible for me to buy into what she was selling, for lack of a better term. Am I too picky about finding the ones I like or is it possible she was sending bad signals?

Sincerely,The Quiet One

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