Crazy Good Advice -- Tuesday, September 4

Dear Steve,

My girlfriend of 5 months broke up with me this week but for some reason I feel differently about this one than my previous ones. Maybe I’ve grown up.

Long story short, I work a lot and I have expensive taste so I spend a bit of money on things which makes me motivated to work hard and in turn I lost someone that meant a lot to me.

I’m used to it. I lost another great girl years ago for the same reason. No fights no cheating, just my indirect ignorance of how valuable our time together was.

She had me take some silly relationship test from an online thing… my result was that I spend too much time worrying what people think of me. It’s true. I lost the person that thought most of me because of my worry of others. The epitome of excuses. I want success, status, and respect because I watched too many movies and read too many articles. I’m back to being alone and I’m not mad at her for it because she’s right. I hope she finds what she’s looking for. I wish it was me.

Am I wrong to want these things, or is it wrong of me to pursue what makes me happy, even if it ultimately means I wind up alone more often than not?

The BreakUp King

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