Crazy Good Advice -- October 16, 2018

We’re entering our fourth month of this segment, and now it’s become more of a regular segment than I ever imagined. What’s still surprising to me is how much it’s grown. What started as what I have to believe was a mistake has turned into a routine where we’ve probably done equal parts ruining relationships and hopefully strengthening some others. In the beginning, it seemed like they were more sports oriented, and now, some of you are actually looking to me for real dating advice. God help you.

All that said, it’s time for another edition of Crazy Good Advice.

Dear Steve,

I’m an older woman who started dating a younger man about 6 months ago. 

Call me old-fashioned, if you will, but I truly do believe that a person you’re in a committed relationship with will go out of their way to make time with their partner.

The man I am seeing is always busy. In addition to his work, he’s also taking college courses and spending time with his friends on some weekends. Am I being unreasonable that we should be spending more time together?

Quality Time

Click the link for my response, as heard on this morning's edition of FIRST SPORTS!


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