Crazy Good Advice -- November 13, 2018

What started on this program earlier this summer has now turned into a routine. In the beginning, it seemed like they were more sports oriented, and now, some of you are actually looking to me for real dating advice.
God help us all.

That said, it’s time for another edition of Crazy Good Advice.

Dear Steve,

My fiancé went out with his friends for a birthday and ended up not coming home. He told me he'd be home around 11, and I called his phone all night and I texted his friends and got nothing. He finally answered around 7 the next morning, saying his phone died and he just passed out at his friend's house. 
You’re telling me he couldn’t find anyone’s phone to call me or text me or send me a snap saying he’s ok? He's never done anything like this but I am still so upset. I feel like passing out is not a good enough answer. I was in total panic. He acts like I’m some crazy girl for being angry and for questioning what really was going on. Am I?

The Impatient Timekeeper

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