Crazy Good Advice -- December 11, 2018

Another edition of our newest segment of the show.... relationship advice, from the last person you'd expect to give that kind of advice. You'll understand when you hear it!

Dear Steve,

I am in my early 30s and dating a really nice guy I met about a year ago. The problem is, he has a child with another woman who he does not see or take care of. When I ask him about the daughter, he says the mother of his child is a difficult woman and he would rather forget them both and start a new family.

My close friends all hate him because of that – they say that if he is a deadbeat with one woman, he will be a deadbeat with me if I have his child.

Apart from that, he really is a good man. I just don’t know whether to take my friends seriously and leave him, or abandon my friends to be with him.


Check out the audio file at this link for my response, as it aired this morning on FIRST SPORTS!


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