Crazy Good Advice -- Tuesday, August 13

Dear Steve,

I fell in love with my dental hygienist, whom I thought was separated. We had a loving and caring friendship that grew into a romance. It lasted more than a year – until recently.

When I found out she was still married, it crushed me, but she told me she was leaving her husband. But it didn't happen. Eventually, I decided to try to move on from her. Every time I stopped talking to her to try to move past our relationship, she sent me a text saying she loved me and still wanted a future together.

Last month, I was celebrating the Fourth of July with someone else, and she sent me a note saying she was going to fight for me and never give up. I explained to her that she needed to get a divorce, and then maybe we could establish something again. But I couldn't stop thinking about her and the promise that she would leave her husband.

Eventually, we got into a fight because I found out she was planning a family vacation with her husband. Hurtful words were spoken. She said that I was being pushy, a bully, and verbally abusive and she feels that she did nothing wrong to me.

I've tried to explain that her not being honest to her husband or family and using me for an emotional and physical affair is just wrong. I still care for her, but now I just want to move forward with my life and forget about her. It's hard because we used to text and talk every day. I know it's best not to contact her. My closest friends who know the whole situation tell me to forget about her, but it is so hard. How do I move forward without feeling hurt or used?

– Used

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