Bortstein's NFL Power Rankings -- Week 2

After the conclusion of Monday Night's Doubleheader, we sat down and put together a list of the Top 10 teams in the NFL after a week of action.

Let the debates begin...

1 -- PATRIOTS -- There really is no debate here. In their past two games dating back to last season's Super Bowl, they're allowed opponents to score 6 points while blowing out the Steelers in devastating fashion. While it remains to be seen what impact Antonio Brown will have on this team, there's no question he'll be a factor. Next: @Dolphins

2 -- CHIEFS -- They found their stride early on in their opening weekend victory over the Jaguars. The injury to Tyreek Hill may alter some offensive playcalling, but they're loaded with weapons and may have actually improved defensively in some regards. Next: @Raiders

3 -- COWBOYS -- A perfect passer rating from Dak Prescott, a presumably newer and better playcalling scheme under offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, a simple, yet highly efficient return to action for RB Ezekiel Elliott and a workmanlike effort over a depleted NY Giants. The frightening thing is they may just be getting rolling as this was really good. Next: @Redskins

4 -- SAINTS -- Drew Brees continues to do all the things necessary to win, including setting up a dramatic walkoff winning field goal by Will Lutz. RB Alvin Kamara was outstanding and Michael Thomas was nearly impossible to defend. This was an emotional win to start the season and they've got all the incentive to get better. Next: @Rams

5 -- RAMS -- The first early season "must see game" is coming up this weekend between the Rams and Saints. RB Todd Gurley and backup Malcolm Brown split the workload in an impressive win on the road over Carolina. QB Jared Goff has room to improve and an aggressive defense, I believe, will get better as the season progresses. Next: vs. Saints







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