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Jason Whitlock Calls Out Deion Sanders 'Groupies' in the Sports Media

Ryan Clark: “Deion Sanders is never trying to tear another man down to build himself up. I haven't heart Deion Sanders say a negative thing above another team or another man. When people come out and say things about him he’s always taken the high road. You know why? Because Deion Sanders ain’t gotta build himself up on nobody else. He IS a Hall of Famer, he IS a winner, he IS a great coach, he IS a great father.” 

Jason Whitlock: “ESPN is the ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ network but when it comes to talking Deion you don’t need any diversity of thought, you don’t need any diversity of color, you don’t need someone to represent Dan Lanning’s side of the argument, and you don’t need anyone to look like Dan Lanning to be a part of the discussion. Ryan Clark is just flat-out lying or he’s uninformed. When he says ‘Deion never tears anyone down to build himself up’... So when Deion after the first game came in and said ‘EVERYONE’S UNCOMFORTABLE WITH ME BECAUSE I’M A BLACK MAN LEADING A LOCKER ROOM THAT IS 75% BLACK!’, pounded the desk and was like ‘OH, YA’LL DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW, YA’LL REAL UNCOMFORTABLE AND I’M ABOUT TO GET COMFORTABLE!’ He’s basically calling everyone who rooted against him or has a problem with his approach as a coach – he's calling them racist. That’s not ‘tearing anyone down’?? That's tearing half the sport's population. That’s tearing half of his coaching peers down. Because they’re all ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘DEION IS BLACK’, and he’s ‘LEADING BLACK PLAYERS’... So he’s lying. Point two of that lie: when Deion beat Colorado State did that man not come into the press conference and say ‘OMG IF JAY NORVELL HAD WON, THE SMACK HE WOULD HAVE TALKED, IT RAN THROUGH MY MIND THAT THEY’D WON THAT GAME AND IT WOULD BE EMBARRASSING...’ He was tearing Jay Norvell down. Ryan Clark and these guys... Deion is a grown man that’s worth millions of dollars. Why does he need all these groupies in the media??” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ call out ESPN football analyst Ryan Clark for a segment Clark was doing on Oregon head coach Dan Lanning using the distaste for Deion Sanders’ hype machine at Colorado as a way to motivate his Ducks team, saying Clark was ‘lying’ about Sanders’ innocence in the situation. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock mocks Sanders’ biggest ‘groupies’ at ESPN, saying Deion is a grown man who doesn’t need all these apologist hype men in the media to blindly defend him. 

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