Fernando Tatis: Hitting Is Harder Against the Sticky Stuff

Fernando Tatis: Hitting Is Harder Against the Sticky Stuff

Padres SS Fernando Tatis Jr. joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They talk about his rise to prominence and how his career has developed. Dan asks him directly about the recent issues with pitcher using foreign substances on baseballs and whether he thinks changes need to be made. And he takes the high road when asked about their rivalry with the Dodgers.

Dan Patrick: “Do you have any problem with pitchers being allowed to use this kind of substance, sticky stuff, to throw?” 

Fernando Tatis Jr.: “Well, I guess that just depends on the MLB, and going (call) by call, you know?” 

Dan: “Yeah, but do you think it’s unfair because you have to face these pitches and the numbers are down for hitters. I mean everybody is throwing 100 and it feel like…I mean, you got guys throwing no-hitters, I mean, it’s pretty scary out there I would imagine as a hitter.” 

Fernando: “…they better expect less from hitters then, that’s just a fact, you know? But what can we say, it’s just harder man, it’s harder. Pitchers are better, they have better mechanics and they have better-throwing arms and now, with this sticky [CENSORED], they have more spin rate.”