AFC Championship Game -- Fourth Quarter Update

Lambo field goal gives Jags 20-10 lead. Patriots in desperate need of a TD on ensuing drive to put pressure on Jags.

Gronkowski ruled out of game after helmet-to-helmet hit in second quarter.

Uh-oh.... here we go with the "what is a fumble" rule!

Jaguars get a huge turnover after a sweet double-pass play by the Patriots appeared to swing momentum. That's a huge swing right there, if nothing else to slow Patriots late-game heroics, not that we've seen those before.

Jags will punt on fourth down, but a small victory to get Pats pinned back some to start next drive, still down 10 points.

Cannot let go of this advantage if you're Jags on defense. Another trick play after a 3rd and 18 conversion puts Patriots in position for a score. Even without a big threat like Gronkowski, Patriots can still move ball effectively.

That was too easy... again. Pats score to make it 20-17 with more than 8 minutes left in game (or shall we say regulation?) 

Big response by Bortles after the Patriots TD with a 20-yard strike to Hurns. Patriots defense been giving up way, way, way too many big chunks of yards.

Patriots with a chance to take lead with 6+ minutes to go.

Under 5 minutes to go, the Jags need two or three first downs and to get Pats to start using timeouts.

Big change in field position, with Patriots about to get ball at Jags 30 yard line after Amendola return.

Imagine that, Mike Tomlin & Todd Haley, a quarterback sneak for a first down against the Jags defense.

And with 2:48 to go, Patriots get their first lead since 3-0 in the first quarter.

A TD to win it for the Jags. Plenty of time and all three timeouts.

That's a tough sequence for the Jags, particularly on 3rd and 19 and 4th and 14. Turnover on downs to Patriots with under 2 minutes to go. 

Conservative play calling here would be the right thing, but with Jags and all three timeouts, that's not possible. First down for Pats and game could be over.

It wasn't pretty, but the legacy and the dynasty do it again!

Final, Patriots 24-Jaguars 20. 

The New England Patriots move on to Super Bowl 52.

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