AFC Championship Game -- Second Quarter Update

Jacksonville offense opens second quarter with nice slant route, a big gain and an easy score to take the lead. Defense of Patriots getting outworked in man-to-man situations. Jags take lead 7-3 early in second quarter. Too easy a drive by the Jaguars if you're Pats DC Matt Patricia. Four first downs and an easy score. Underneath crossing routes appear to be creating mismatches.

Photos from the floor of the Philips Phile Poker Tournament

Am I the only one who hears the sound of poker chips when CBS displays the score at the bottom of the screen? I don't mean to suggest the NFL is rather inconspicuously tipping their hand in favor of gambling, but it's working on me, that's for sure.

Marcedes Lewis with the second quarter touchdown catch.

Patriots went 3-and-out on their opening drive of the second quarter. Jags defense getting more aggressive and Brady tosses his first incomplete pass of the game.

An important drive for both teams here as momentum swings a bit towards Jacksonville with the ball and 13 minutes left in the first half.

Flat route passes doing well in stretching Pats defense, which still insists on man-to-man coverage, followed by easy pitch and catch to Allen Hurns.

Fournette getting good blocking up front. Rushing game definitely having an impact at this point, keeping Pats defense on their heels. 

Fournette with the 4-yard TD run, giving the Jags a 14-3 lead, silencing the Gillette Stadium crowd. Bortles 12-for-14 so far with a TD.

Again, Pats will start a drive deep in their own territory, adding to pressure on Brady and Patriots offense. 

Jaguars defense getting more pressure on Brady, eventually winding up in a 3rd down sack and again forcing a punt. Jags can absolutely change the dynamic of this entire game with a touchdown before the end of the half and getting the ball to start the second half.

Talk about a balanced attach. 14 passes and 11 rushing attempts by the Jags offense. Look for that to continue.

Silly procedural penalties and a Bortles sack (his first of the game) stalled Jags drive on the wrong end of the 2 minute warning. Pats will get a chance to close the gap before halftime.

The helmet-to-helmet hit on Gronkowski, followed by the silly pass interference penalty against Cooks puts the Patriots right back in this game. Now we'll need to see if concussion protocol keeps Gronkowski out of the game.

That was too easy a score for the Patriots. Bad clock management by Jags coaching staff made that way too simple as James White scampers in from 1 yard out, putting New England right back into the mix, trailing 14-10 with under a minute to go.

Have to question the pass interference penalty against Bouye. He had Cooks pressured out of bounds, and contact clearly was going both ways.

Jags run out clock in the half, leading 14-10 and will get ball to start second half.

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