AFC Championship Game -- Third Quarter Update

Bortles took his time in opening pass completion to Bohannon. Getting a lot of time in the pocket, as Patriots biting on play-action, giving respect to running game though it has been minimized a bit since midway through second quarter. Pivotal stops on 3rd and long are going to be critical.

Two big pass plays by Bortles (second and long and third and long) are huge for this drive and the time of possession battle (Jacksonville leading 21 minutes to 11 minutes early in third quarter).

12 completed passes in a row by Bortles before 3rd down incompletion batted down at the line of scrimmage. Big field goal by Lambo to give Jags a 17-10 lead. 

Big third down conversion by Patriots still without Gronkowski. 

Cooks with a terrible drop on 1st and 10, wide open and nothing but clear sailing.

Patriots possession takes them across midfield, ending with punt and Jags possession deep in their own territory. This drive for both sides is going to be pivotal. Jags need to move the ball and continue to run clock, while Pats need a quick 3-and out.

And that series right there could potentially put Patriots right back in control of this game. Quick 3-and-out and Pats take over at midfield for potential game-tying TD drive. Cannot let Brady have that advantage.

Wow! Great response by Jags defense to not allow a first down by Patriots offense. Quick turnaround and once again, onus goes back on Patriot defense to get Bortles and Company off the field. That was an impressive defensive stand.

Huge third down conversion to Marquise Lee, getting ball out past the 30 yard line.

Little trickery gets ball past midfield. This is a huge turnaround in field position, if nothing else.

Jags go into the fourth quarter with the lead 17-10 and a chance to go up further.

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