$57 Million Is Being Put Into Recruitment For This Industry In New Mexico

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Two state funds, which have been established to bolster law enforcement recruitment, are disbursing $57 million to agencies throughout the state soon. The purpose of these funds is to supplement the $50 million that were allocated in the previous year.

These funds have already distributed millions to numerous law enforcement agencies statewide, as reported by the governor's office. They have originated from the Law Enforcement Recruitment Fund initiated in 2022 and a law enforcement retention fund.

In the inaugural year of payouts, these funds saw notable results. They successfully recruited 165 officers and retained 1,807 within law enforcement, which is strongly in line with calculations also confirmed by the governor's office. In fact, the most recent disbursements are scheduled to reach law enforcement agencies later this week and hope to experience the same success.

Michelle Lujan Grisham, the New Mexico Governor emphasized the administration's commitment to increasing the presence of officers in New Mexico communities. She said in a press released, "The lifesaving work law enforcement does every day to create safer communities in New Mexico deserves our full support, and providing funding, not only to recruit officers but also support staff, empowers these agencies to safely and effectively protect and serve New Mexicans."

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