Crazy Good Advice -- August 28, 2018

Since then, we’ve saved a marriage thanks to baseball, spoke about the necessity for better milkshakes, allowed someone to be open and honest with their partner, changed someone’s perspective of cheering for the wrong team, chastised a couple who broke up at a baseball game, fixed the dating habits of a new local resident, told a woman that she simply ran out of time, we also  made two sports fans a little happier with each other and we probably broke up a couple here and there as well. But today, we’re answering a question from a lady who is dealing with some trust issues. Which means it’s time for another edition of Crazy Good Advice.

Dear Steve,

I moved here recently from Phoenix and before I left, I was seeing a pretty decent guy. Steady job, has hit sh*t together if you know what I mean. When he’s not working, he plays on a club soccer team which travels to a lot of different places around the southwest. When we lived closer to each other, I would sometimes go with him on roadtrips, but I can’t do that now as often as I’d like, and I have to admit, I get a bit weird about his trips. I suppose you’ll think I have “trust issues”, but I have to wonder why now I don’t hear about his roadtrips as often and why sometimes, I’ll go a couple days without hearing from him when he’s on the road. Am I being paranoid or should I just confront him about this?

Horny Little SunDevil

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