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Jason Whitlock Says Colorado Football Could Implode: '3-9 is a Possibility'

Jason Whitlock: “Shilo Sanders before the [Oregon] game was talking about how he’s going to beat so-and-so's butt, including ‘your head coach’, that’s Deion’s son pre-game trying to be Deion. Deion is writing checks that these kids are not talented enough to cash. If you’re Deion, have all the swag, talk all the trash—YOUR talent can back it up... These kids don’t have that kind of talent. In a bit of obvious karma, Shilo ends up in the hospital after the game pissing blood. That’s the kind of beatdown he took Saturday.” 

Coach Jason Brown: “At some point it comes down to kids. At the end of the day, if you don’t have the proper players on the right team, formatted the proper way, you will hurt someone out here. They’re spread thin of depth because of what they lost and what they didn’t replace them with. They don’t have the depth. It’s evident at o-line, d-line, DB. They don’t have the depth and [Cormani] McClain isn't playing. You’re going to get guys hurt out here playing this many snaps. There's some things he’s [Deion] doing that coaches that I’ve talked to just don’t like because of the manner in which it’s being approached. He [Deion] could win three games. Let this sink in, if the first three games were Oregon, USC, and Washington, you wouldn’t even be talking about Deion and Colorado. They played the perfect schedule to start off 3-0 and it started this whirlwind in the media. It would be another 0-11 team if they started off with SC, Oregon, and Washington because you know once you lose a few games that locker room loses you quick and it’s downhill from there. They may not win another game.” 

Whitlock: “3-9 is a possibility, and everybody will still be saying ‘WELL, THEY ONLY WON ONE GAME THE YEAR BEFORE SO 3-9 IS BETTER! IT’S THE GREATEST TURNAROUND IN HISTORY!’"  

Coach Brown: “It’s because of the daunting schedule ahead. Washington State could be a playoff team, they’re as good as any team in the country right now. Washington may be the BEST team in college football, and Utah has a top five defense in college football. There’s some teams they play that might dismantle them where they can’t even beat Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, or Cal, the bottom teams in that league. There’s an opportunity where this thing spirals out of control and you’re in the portal for next year already looking towards next spring.” 

Whitlock: “Hunter is already hurt, Shilo has been hospitalized, and no quarterback has taken more hits than Shedeur Sanders. That's a recipe for disaster. That’s a recipe for your backup quarterback having to play the last five games of the year. You know how stupid Deion is going to look with those sunglasses on at 3-5 or 3-6?” 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless and Coach Jason Brown, popularized as the head coach in the Netflix show ‘Last Chance U’, discuss the prospects of Deion Sanders and the Colorado football season rapidly deteriorating and going from college football’s darlings to a Pac-12 punching bag. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock and Brown detail why Colorado may not win another game this season. 

Here was Whitlock comparing Colorado to the Titanic earlier in the week:

Jason Whitlock: “I have zero confidence this is going to work. His locker room is going to be a hot mess. You can only transfer once and so he's done brought in a bunch of guys that transferred and he's not going to be able to run them out. He's got an offensive line that's protecting his golden child son. Everybody thinks everything Deion is doing is working. I spent the weekend looking at Rivals, 24/7 Sports, and ESPN-- do you know where Colorado is ranked at in recruiting right now? In the 70s. Out of Big 12 teams I think they're 14th out of 16 teams in recruiting. All of this smoke and mirrors, all of this hype-- it's working on social media but I'm not sure it's working in recruiting. They're struggling in recruiting. You can get some skill players, you can get some DBs, some wide receivers, some outside island players that will love the rap, Deion's gold chains and all that, but the offensive linemen that you win with? They're not as prone to be into that. The only thing I really know about sports is offensive line play. That's the only thing I truly know. That's a mindset and an attitude as much as it is talent. A cover-corner who never really liked to tackle anybody is not going to instill the toughness you need to establish a consistent running game. He's leaning into his son and this Heisman race and trying to make him the number one pick. They're going to start throwing those offensive linemen under the bus. My prediction is the offensive line basically is going to quit on him mid-season because they're going to get tired of being singled out and blamed for everything. He's going to then want them to transfer and leave so he can replace them. It's going to be a hot mess. He's not recruiting at the level of the elite schools despite all the hype. I'm not sure this is going to work. This is about Deion's son the quarterback far more than it is about anybody else on that team including his son who's the safety. // There still is a difference between the professional level and the collegiate level. The NFL is so much about ‘genetics’, and it’s just about ‘do you have the physical tools to play at this level?’ At the NFL level how much weed you smoke is a little bit irrelevant. It’s still relevant at the collegiate level where comradery, locker room chemistry, who puts in the extra work, mindset of the team – all of that still matters. When you listen to Dan Lanning talk to his team and that message, ‘WE’RE GOING TO TALK WITH OUR PADS, WE’RE GOING TO TALK WITH OUR HELMETS’, that’s a whole different message than Key Glock, the rapper who was in Deion’s locker room before the game, and Lil Wayne leading them out. With offensive linemen and even to some degree defensive linemen, this whole little hip-hop team, and ‘come out here to Colorado—smoking weed is legal!’, we’re going to have a good time, and ‘I’m going to hold you accountable but we’re gonna just have fun!’, it’s an environment that is not conducive to sustaining consistent winning. When I watched them from a scheme standpoint and an approach standpoint—how much they’re throwing the ball, and Deion is admitting they can't run, they’re not even attempting to run the football. His son has taken more hits than any quarterback anywhere. It’s a recipe for disaster. // I’ve been following this stuff for way too long. We’re looking at the Titanic. This whole thing is about one kid, Shedeur Sanders. ‘Prime Prep’ was about Shedeur Sanders. Jackson State was about Shedeur Sanders. Colorado is about Shedeur Sanders. It’s the Titanic.” (Full Segment Above) 

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