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Colin Cowherd: Aaron Rodgers is Now an Obsolete NFL Quarterback

Colin Cowherd: “Aaron Rodgers is 10th in passer rating, and 25th in QBR. He’s still very talented and still throws a really pretty ball, but let’s be honest, he lacks the horsepower of Josh Allen, he’s not the playmaker of Lamar Jackson, he’s not as coachable or talented as Patrick Mahomes, he’s not as accurate anyone as Tua or Burrow, and certainly doesn’t play with the guts as Herbert or Burrow, willing to throw it down the field at anytime, anywhere. Is Aaron becoming the ‘antique store’? You’ve gone to an antique store before and you’re like ‘Ohhh, look at that! That is awesome! That is so historic! Should be buy it??’ And your wife says ‘well, it doesn’t really fit, where are we going to put it?’ It’s awesome, I like looking at it, but Aaron Rodgers is really expensive, is not really totally committed in the offseason, keeps talking about retirement, and can be a little prickly. The last three years the NFL has given us some really talented quarterbacks. Burrow, looks like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are too good not to work, Hurts, Herbert… A lot of these guys are coming in and what do they have in common? They’re CHEAP, completely committed in the offseason, they’re not prickly, and you can surround them with a lot of talent. Aaron is paid $50 million a year and he’s one of the top cap hits in the league. Tom Brady avoided becoming the antique store because he’s always been incredibly committed in the offseason and connected to young teammates, and he because he doesn’t want to be the highest paid player in the league at any time… Once you say ‘give me the most money’, once you’re not totally committed, once you start bringing up retirement… It’s fun to go to the antique store, but how much of that stuff fits in your house? I know the history is cool, I know it’s awesome, but would you want it in your house? Would you want it on your team.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd compare Aaron Rodgers to a lavish relic you’d find at an antique store, saying sure you’d think it was ‘awesome’ seeing it on the shelf and want to buy it, but would you really find a place to put it at home?

Check out the segment above as Colin details why Rodgers’ essence as a quarterback might be obsolete in today’s NFL landscape.

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